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"Don’t Bully" Awareness Campaign at Menoufia University

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School bulling and renounce violence  In the activities of the second day of the training program (facing  bullying) at Menoufia University, the second day of the training program (violence and bullying among school children) was organized by the Child Committee in Menoufia governorate in cooperation with the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at Menoufia University and the Directorate of Education Which targeted 948 social and psychological specialists at the governorate level, in the conference hall of the information center of the university, the program was under the supervision of Major General Said Abbas, Governor of Menoufia and Dr. Adel Mubarak, the rector  Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Korman, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Dr. Abdul Fattah Darwish, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environment Development. The program is implemented by the Governor of Menofia entitled "Together against violence and bullying". The training scheduled to  be on Saturday every week and over 4 sessions on two groups of specialists.

The second day included lectures on school bullying and non-violence, attended by Dr. Noha Othman, Assistant Professor at Faculty of Arts, Dr. Abeer Khalil, lecturer in the faculty and a human resources development teacher accredited by the International Board of Directors (IBCT), in the presence of Enas Mohi, Director of Women's Affairs and Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat of the General Committee for the Protection of Children , And Mohamed Abdel Salam wave of psychological education in the Directorate of Education.

The lectures dealt with the causes of bullying and its effects, the signs of bully, how the bully chooses his victim, the role of the parents in preventing bullying and how to protect our children from bullying or from turning to bullying.