MU Rector

MU Rector Inspects the Activities and Events of the First Day of the University Youth Week.

Department of Media


The Rector Dr. Adel Mubarak  inspected  the activities of the first day of the 2nd  University Youth week for Disability  Challengers , which started this morning, and the activities started according to the schedule.

Mubarak emphasized on the importance of competing with sportsmanship, and that all participants are winners of this acquaintance, unleashing their energies and presenting their talents in various activities, their ability to succeed and challenge of disability with their superior abilities.

Dr. Adel  and Dr. Ahmed Al-Qased, Vice President for Graduate Studies and  Research and Accountant, Akram Abdel Dayem, Secretary General of the University followed up the latest preparations for the opening ceremony and the equipment of the covered hall, and carnival cars that will be launched in the streets of Shebin El-Kom at 6 pm today.