MU President  confirms the diagnosis of 620 E-clinics

MU President confirms the diagnosis of 620 E-clinics

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Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, announced that the cases that were diagnosed through the website launched by Menoufia University  Hospitals

Reached  620 cases in various specialties in addition to citizens ’inquiries about the prevention of the new Corona virus


Mubarak said that the website is an initiative from Menoufia University in the interest of patient safety, and to solve the problem of crowding facing the  university hospitals in light of the current conditions and the emerging Corona virus crisis, whereby the patient is available to seek advice from the specialized medical clinic according to his health condition and the doctor in charge of the clinic communicates with him through Internet by voice, video, or mobile phone, and in cases of necessity the doctor book an appointment for the patient to attend university hospitals.

The President of the University indicated that a clinic has been allocated  to examine university hospital employees such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, technicians, members of the administrative apparatus and daily workers from 11 to 12 noon in the chest clinic in the outpatient clinic  at the headquarter of the chest Department  in order to ensure their safety.