20 faculty members applied for technical supervision positions at Menoufia University

20 faculty members applied for technical supervision positions at Menoufia University

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Dr. Ahmed El-Kased, President of Menoufia University, convened the committee formed under his chairmanship and with the membership of Dr. Sobhi Sharaf, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and Dr. Hazem Saleh, Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, to conduct personal interviews for applicants for technical supervisory positions at the Center for Strategic Studies and Leadership Preparation, the Marketing Center, and the Environmental Consultation Center. .

The University President explained that 20 faculty members from various university colleges applied for the supervisory positions that were previously announced, which include the positions of general supervisor of the Center for Strategic Studies, and supervisors of the departments: training and leadership preparation, consulting and research, the Department of Strategic Studies, and supervisor of the Center. Marketing, and supervisor of the Environmental Consultation Center, stressing that the university seeks in its recent plan to fill all vacant positions and select the best human elements and distinguished cadres to achieve the university’s vision and mission in all specializations, and select a work team capable of implementing the university’s strategy that is in line with the vision and strategy of Egypt 2030.

The committee conducted personal interviews for each of them, where each applicant presented his CV and the development proposal for each job he applied for. The committee listened to all development plans, discussed the axes of each plan, and evaluated each applicant in order to choose the best among them to fill supervisory positions in these centers affiliated with the community service and development sector. the environment.