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13/05/2024 Congratulations and thanks from the Dean of the College to all the college employees ~/fci/NewsDetails/148492/en
12/05/2024 A workshop entitled “Basics of Artificial Intelligence and CHAT GPT Technology” ~/fci/NewsDetails/148493/en
08/05/2024 An educational symposium entitled “Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy” ~/fci/NewsDetails/148494/en
01/05/2024 An invitation to attend the Africa Health Ex Con medical exhibition and conference ~/fci/NewsDetails/147492/en
30/04/2024 A workshop entitled “How to use the ChatGPT application in the field of libraries and research services” ~/fci/NewsDetails/147493/en
15/04/2024 Announcement of a conference entitled “The Future of Heritage between Visions and Challenges” ~/fci/NewsDetails/147491/en
11/03/2024 An announcement of the provision of scholarships from Fudan University for young people to enroll in the intensive master’s program ~/fci/NewsDetails/146492/en
10/03/2024 Announcement of the third annual conference for postgraduate studies of applied sciences at Benha University ~/fci/NewsDetails/146493/en
09/03/2024 Announcement of the Mohammed bin Rashid Award for the Arabic Language ~/fci/NewsDetails/146491/en
03/03/2024 Announcement of the opening of applications for Fulbright programs for Egyptian students and professors in all scientific and literary fields and programs for American experts and professors for the academic year 2025-2026. ~/fci/NewsDetails/146486/en
26/02/2024 Announcement of the opening of applications for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program ~/fci/NewsDetails/146487/en
25/02/2024 Announcement of nomination for the Arab Digital Economy Award presented by the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy ~/fci/NewsDetails/146489/en
25/02/2024 Announcing the award of excellence and honor awards at Menoufia University: “Encouragement - Excellence - Appreciation - Scientific Writing - Translation” ~/fci/NewsDetails/146490/en
24/02/2024 The readiness of the South Delta Electricity Distribution Company “Training Sector” to train students to link the academic and practical aspects ~/fci/NewsDetails/146488/en
19/02/2024 Announcement of the opening of applications for the Onssi Sawiris Scholarship Program ~/fci/NewsDetails/145486/en
12/02/2024 An invitation to attend the “Ninth International Conference for Young Researchers” at the International Conference Center at New Sohag University ~/fci/NewsDetails/144486/en
23/01/2024 Announcement of the services provided to international students in the postgraduate level ~/fci/NewsDetails/143486/en
21/01/2024 Announcement of the start of submission of applied research projects “funded by the university” ~/fci/NewsDetails/142486/en
21/01/2024 Announcing the areas of granting excellence and honor awards at Menoufia University ~/fci/NewsDetails/142487/en
14/01/2024 Announcement of the Chinese project for dual certification (U Link) ~/fci/NewsDetails/140486/en
13/01/2024 An invitation to attend the twenty-third annual international conference of the Faculty of Law - Mansoura University ~/fci/NewsDetails/139486/en
13/01/2024 An invitation to attend the Cairo International Book Fair under the slogan “We Create Knowledge... We Preserve the Word” ~/fci/NewsDetails/139487/en
13/01/2024 Announcing the Hungarian scholarships (Hungarian Stependium for the years 2023/2026) for the academic year 2024/2025 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139488/en
11/01/2024 The President of Menoufia University inspected the examination committees for the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024. ~/fci/NewsDetails/140487/en
10/01/2024 Prof. Dr., President of Menoufia University, opened the third annual charity clothing exhibition ~/fci/NewsDetails/141486/en
23/12/2023 The Fulbright Commission announces the opening of applications for the Community Colleges Initiative Program for the academic year 2024/2025. ~/fci/NewsDetails/139475/en
23/12/2023 An announcement of the readiness of the University of Rome 3 to cooperate with Egyptian universities in the university’s various specializations ~/fci/NewsDetails/139476/en
21/12/2023 The college theater team won second place for the theatrical performance “Hostages” ~/fci/NewsDetails/139485/en
20/12/2023 Honoring a family for Egypt, the leader of the family and the dean of the college ~/fci/NewsDetails/139484/en
19/12/2023 Researcher/Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Attia obtained the Golden ~/fci/NewsDetails/139483/en
18/12/2023 Environmental Excellence Committee at Menoufia University ~/fci/NewsDetails/139482/en
18/12/2023 Evaluation of local scientific journals ~/fci/NewsDetails/139473/en
17/12/2023 Announcement of the State Awards (Nile - Appreciation - Excellence - Encouragement) for the year 2023 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139472/en
14/12/2023 Congratulations from the Dean of the College to the new department directors ~/fci/NewsDetails/139479/en
14/12/2023 An introductory seminar on “Pioneers of Digital Egypt” ~/fci/NewsDetails/139480/en
14/12/2023 Theatrical performance entitled “Hostages” ~/fci/NewsDetails/139481/en
13/12/2023 Participation of Mr. Prof./Dean of the College by casting his vote in the 2024 presidential elections ~/fci/NewsDetails/139478/en
12/12/2023 Seminar on “Awareness to Preserve the Egyptian Family” ~/fci/NewsDetails/139477/en
05/12/2023 Qualifiers for the ideal male and female student competition at the level of university college students for the academic year 2023/2024 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139467/en
04/12/2023 Activities of the ideal male and female student competition at the level of university college students for the academic year 2023/2024 ​ ~/fci/NewsDetails/139468/en
03/12/2023 Invitation to attend the Eighth International - Twenty-Second Scientific Conference on Home Economics ~/fci/NewsDetails/139470/en
30/11/2023 A symposium entitled “Green Economy: Implications and Applications” ~/fci/NewsDetails/139469/en
21/11/2023 Announcement of the (Ideal Male and Female Student Competition) at the college level ~/fci/NewsDetails/139471/en
20/11/2023 An introductory seminar entitled “The Decent Life Initiative” ~/fci/NewsDetails/139466/en
18/11/2023 The college’s participation in the conference of the Mostaqbal Watan Party in Menoufia Governorate to endorse and support the presidential candidate/ Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in the upcoming presidential elections. ~/fci/NewsDetails/139465/en
15/11/2023 The college welcomes students from the distinguished official integrated language school of Misr Al-Hurra ~/fci/NewsDetails/139463/en
15/11/2023 Awareness seminar entitled “No to smoking” ~/fci/NewsDetails/139464/en
31/10/2023 Organizing the annual exhibition and conference for smart transportation and logistics for the Middle East and Africa ~/fci/NewsDetails/139460/en
30/10/2023 Seminar entitled "First Aid" ~/fci/NewsDetails/139462/en
30/10/2023 Strengthening cooperation between the University of the Philippines and its Egyptian counterparts ~/fci/NewsDetails/139457/en
30/10/2023 Meeting of the Egyptian Ambassador in Madrid with the Director of the Spanish Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (FESTA). ~/fci/NewsDetails/139458/en
30/10/2023 Announcement of cooperation between the Egyptian and New Zealand embassies in the field of higher education and scientific exchange between universities ~/fci/NewsDetails/139459/en
29/10/2023 Launching the first startup called “Super Nanny 365” ~/fci/NewsDetails/139461/en
17/10/2023 Announcement of cooperation between Carnegie Mellon University and Egyptian universities in the field of computer science ~/fci/NewsDetails/139456/en
14/10/2023 An evaluation committee visited the competition for the best college in welcoming new students for the academic year 2023/2024 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139454/en
10/10/2023 The college’s participation in honoring the winning projects ~/fci/NewsDetails/139453/en
08/10/2023 A visit to the Occupational Safety and Health Committee within the framework of the action plan for crisis and disaster management ~/fci/NewsDetails/139455/en
01/10/2023 A visit by the university president and his deputy for community service and environmental development to inspect the progress of the educational process at the start of the new academic year ~/fci/NewsDetails/139449/en
01/10/2023 The University President’s approval of the cumulative results for the fourth year “for the summer semester, September session” for the academic year 2022/2023 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139450/en
01/10/2023 Reception ceremony for new students for the academic year 2023/2024 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139451/en
30/09/2023 Activities to welcome new students for the academic year 2023/24 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139452/en
27/09/2023 College guide for the year 2023/24 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139447/en
27/09/2023 Announcing the academic schedules for the first semester of the academic year 2023/24 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139448/en
18/09/2023 Announcement of the eleventh session of the King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein Award for Creativity ~/fci/NewsDetails/139446/en
17/09/2023 Announcement of the sixth research forum under the slogan “Innovation for Developing Societies” ~/fci/NewsDetails/139445/en
29/08/2023 Announcement of cooperation between Egypt and the Hungarian Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) in the field of engineering ~/fci/NewsDetails/139443/en
27/08/2023 Announcing the website of the Productive Student Initiative ~/fci/NewsDetails/139444/en
27/08/2023 Announcement of the Research Innovation Office to send research and projects to participate in a conference showcasing aspects of cooperation with industry and investors ~/fci/NewsDetails/139442/en
28/07/2023 he college hosted a group of students from various faculties of Menoufia University in preparation for participating in the Egyptian Software Competition (ECPC). ~/fci/NewsDetails/139438/en
19/07/2023 Discussing graduation projects for students of the Computing and Bioinformatics Program at the College for the academic year 2022/23 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139436/en
19/07/2023 The conclusion of the free "Office" course for children for the children of workers at the college and university levels ~/fci/NewsDetails/139437/en
16/07/2023 Discussing graduation projects for both fourth year students with the credit hour system and the software engineering program for the academic year 2022/2023 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139434/en
16/07/2023 Prof. Dr. / Vice Dean for Education Affairs followed up the course registration process for the summer semester for the academic year 2022/23 ~/fci/NewsDetails/139435/en
08/06/2023 Announcing the opening of the door to apply for the Mohammed Rabih Nasser Award for the year 2023 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138433/en
05/06/2023 Announcement of candidacy for the program "For Women in Science" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138432/en
01/06/2023 An invitation to attend the third international conference at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Menouf ~/fci/NewsDetails/138431/en
24/05/2023 Honoring the members of the Al-Jawala Clan for winning the participation cup in the 39th Scout Festival and the 23rd Guide ~/fci/NewsDetails/138429/en
24/05/2023 Training bank staff, Egyptian Banking Institute ~/fci/NewsDetails/138430/en
18/05/2023 Announcement of Prince Muhammad bin Fahd University Award for Best Scientific Production ~/fci/NewsDetails/138421/en
18/05/2023 nnouncement of the Hungarian Stependium Scholarship Program between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary ~/fci/NewsDetails/138422/en
10/05/2023 Discussion of the doctoral dissertation of the Iraqi researcher / Ahmed Latif Yasser Khalifa ~/fci/NewsDetails/138428/en
08/05/2023 Seminar entitled "E-Waste Reality and Solutions" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138426/en
02/05/2023 Activities of the third day of the tenth environmental cultural week of the Theoretical Complex ~/fci/NewsDetails/138425/en
01/05/2023 Activities of the second day of the tenth environmental cultural week of the Theoretical Complex ~/fci/NewsDetails/138424/en
30/04/2023 he first day of the activities of the tenth environmental cultural week of the theoretical complex in the college ~/fci/NewsDetails/138423/en
18/04/2023 The organization launched the "ALECSO Gateway to Science" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138418/en
18/04/2023 Announcement of holding the International Conference of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport ~/fci/NewsDetails/138419/en
18/04/2023 Announcement of the final statement of the ninth session of the ninth forum of the Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development ~/fci/NewsDetails/138420/en
12/04/2023 Announcing a number of jobs in Egyptian offices and cultural centers abroad ~/fci/NewsDetails/138417/en
10/04/2023 Announcement of holding the Sixth Cairo Water Week ~/fci/NewsDetails/138415/en
05/04/2023 Announcing the British Council for Women (STEM) scholarships in Egypt ~/fci/NewsDetails/138414/en
03/04/2023 Announcement of nomination for Prince Muhammad bin Fahd University Award for Best Scientific Production ~/fci/NewsDetails/138413/en
03/04/2023 Thanks and appreciation to the late / Mona Abu Al-Magd ~/fci/NewsDetails/138416/en
21/03/2023 Announcement of application for the International Program for Young Scientists "MAB" for the year 2023 through the National Commission for UNESCO ~/fci/NewsDetails/138412/en
15/03/2023 Application for Fulbright programs for the academic year 2024-2025 is now open ~/fci/NewsDetails/138407/en
15/03/2023 Announcement of application for the International Program for Young Scientists "MAB" for the year 2023 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138408/en
12/03/2023 A school visit for students of the Outstanding School of Science and Technology in Sadat ~/fci/NewsDetails/138410/en
12/03/2023 A symposium entitled "Enhancing Voluntary Work Efforts for University Youth" within the presidential initiative "A Decent Life" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138411/en
07/03/2023 The first session of the Student Union Council ~/fci/NewsDetails/138409/en
05/03/2023 Media meeting on "Decentralized digital currencies and their impact on the national economy" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138406/en
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