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11/07/2021 Announcement of conferences and events organized by the Technical College “Mihailo Boyn” Zrenjanin at the University of Novi Sad - Vojvodina Province, Republic of Serbia ~/fci/NewsDetails/138242/en
04/07/2021 An invitation to attend the second international conference entitled (Science, Development and Sustainable Development) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138241/en
22/06/2021 The 3rd International Conference on Strategic Awareness and Governance ~/fci/NewsDetails/138239/en
15/06/2021 The Dean of the College, Dr. Fawzy Turki and Dr. Mohi Hadhoud, inspected the examination committees for the second semester 2021/2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138240/en
12/06/2021 Announcing the opening of grievances for postgraduate students for the first semester 2020/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138238/en
09/06/2021 Announcing the organization of the falling walls lab ~/fci/NewsDetails/138237/en
27/04/2021 Announcement of the most important decisions and general preventive measures to prevent the emerging corona virus, covid 19 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138236/en
26/04/2021 Announcement of the Competition (Presentations) for the topics "Egypt of Civilization", "Corona Pandemic" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138235/en
19/04/2021 Announcement of the second part of the scholarship plan for the fourth year 2021/2020 of the eighth five-year plan 2017-2022 in the competitive system ~/fci/NewsDetails/138231/en
19/04/2021 Announcement for the competition "Preservation and Interpretation of the Forty Hadiths of Nawawi" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138232/en
19/04/2021 Announcing the competition for the best literary work of Egyptian civilization and its pride in the following fields (classical poetry, colloquial poetry, essay, short story) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138233/en
19/04/2021 Holding the third student activities forum at the Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University for the academic year 2020/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138234/en
27/03/2021 Announcement of the 15th General Conference entitled "The Future of Higher Education in Africa" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138230/en
24/03/2021 Announcement for organizing the first international webinar for British universities ~/fci/NewsDetails/138229/en
20/03/2021 Announcement of a full scholarship for university faculty members to obtain a doctoral degree ~/fci/NewsDetails/138228/en
16/03/2021 The College Council convenes ~/fci/NewsDetails/138227/en
15/03/2021 Announcement for the accredited e-learning course ~/fci/NewsDetails/138226/en
11/03/2021 Invitation to attend the Fifth World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138225/en
07/03/2021 Announcement for all students about a competition on (The Fifth Summit Forum for Nanotechnology and its Applications) organized by Tanta University (Online) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138222/en
07/03/2021 Announcement for all students about the opening of the application process (for the State Award for Young Innovator) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138223/en
07/03/2021 Accreditation of the MAEC-AECID scholarship program for the academic year 2021/2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138224/en
27/02/2021 Representatives inspected the first semester exams for the academic year 2020/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138221/en
24/02/2021 An invitation to attend the activities of the annual International Maritime Transport and Logistics Conference (Marlog 10) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138220/en
22/02/2021 Survival of God for the engineer / Sarah Al-Hamouli, lecturer in the Department of Computer Science ~/fci/NewsDetails/138219/en
18/02/2021 Announcing a student competition entitled "The Second Mansoura Digital Festival for Talents 2021" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138218/en
17/02/2021 The college hosted the ISEF International Science and Engineering Fair ~/fci/NewsDetails/138217/en
16/02/2021 The College Council convenes ~/fci/NewsDetails/138215/en
16/02/2021 The second quality workshop on the college’s strategic plan in light of the university’s release of its 2030 strategic plan ~/fci/NewsDetails/138216/en
14/02/2021 An invitation to participate in the Eurie European Higher Education Summit (EURIE) 2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138213/en
07/02/2021 Opening the door to apply for scholarships provided by the Islamic Development Bank for the new academic year 2022/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138212/en
31/01/2021 Unified announcement for the fourth year 2021/2020 of the eighth five-year plan 2017-2022 for missions ~/fci/NewsDetails/138214/en
19/01/2021 For God’s survival, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Qarman, the former Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development ~/fci/NewsDetails/138210/en
17/01/2021 The College Council convenes ~/fci/NewsDetails/138208/en
17/01/2021 A quality workshop to study the extent to which the vision and mission of the Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University relates to the vision and mission of Menoufia University in light of the university issuing its strategic plan 2030 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138209/en
16/01/2021 The participation of Egyptian public university students in the activities of the (Entrepreneurial Action for Community Development - Anactus) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138211/en
10/01/2021 Announcement of competitions for the participation of young people to implement designs for some national projects of the Administrative Capital for Urban Development ~/fci/NewsDetails/138207/en
05/01/2021 Announcement of Prof. Siddiq Afifi Award for Scientific Research, Innovation and Literature in its first session for the year 2021/2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138206/en
29/12/2020 Final schedule of preliminary examinations for postgraduate students (Master, PhD, Diploma) New regulations for the first semester of the academic year 2021/2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138205/en
22/12/2020 Proposed schedule for the written preliminary examinations for postgraduate students (Master - PhD - Diploma) New regulations for the first semester of the academic year 2020/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138204/en
20/12/2020 Announcement of the IEEE Innovation & Entrepreneurship Conference2021. IEC 2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138201/en
20/12/2020 Announcement of the launch of a website to receive private inquiries about a pandemic ~/fci/NewsDetails/138202/en
19/12/2020 Announcement of the holding of both a hypothetical international conference and the eleventh international conference on translation ~/fci/NewsDetails/138200/en
17/12/2020 Congratulations to the student / Amira Hamdy Mohamed Mohamed Sayed ~/fci/NewsDetails/138199/en
14/12/2020 A meeting of the Information Technology Institute (ITI), Menoufia Branch, with students of the Faculty of Computers and Information, Menoufia University ~/fci/NewsDetails/138198/en
10/12/2020 Candidacy for the student union elections for the academic year 2021/2020 begins ~/fci/NewsDetails/138197/en
08/12/2020 Announcement of the "Ubada Scientific Award for Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research that Transcends Borders and Traditional Models" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138195/en
08/12/2020 Announcing the King Faisal Prize for Service to Islam 1443 AH / 2022 AD ~/fci/NewsDetails/138196/en
08/12/2020 The ideal student and student competition at the university colleges level for the academic year 2021/2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138193/en
07/12/2020 Announcement of the opening of candidacy for the student union elections for the 2020-2021 academic year ~/fci/NewsDetails/138194/en
28/11/2020 Announcement of the National Social Research Competition at the level of Egyptian universities 2021/2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138191/en
25/11/2020 The college won the third place at the university’s colleges level in the Karate Championship ~/fci/NewsDetails/138189/en
25/11/2020 The college won the second place from the activities of the Cultural Information League competition ~/fci/NewsDetails/138190/en
19/11/2020 Announcement for master's and doctoral students, bachelor's projects, and promotion of professors and assistant professors ~/fci/NewsDetails/138184/en
18/11/2020 The college dean's meeting with the college security employees ~/fci/NewsDetails/138186/en
17/11/2020 The College Council convenes ~/fci/NewsDetails/138185/en
16/11/2020 An introductory seminar on the initiatives and grants offered by Egypt's Creative Centers ~/fci/NewsDetails/138187/en
16/11/2020 The college won the third place in the Noble Qur’an competition at the college level ~/fci/NewsDetails/138188/en
11/11/2020 The college won the fourth place in the "Information League" competition ~/fci/NewsDetails/138182/en
11/11/2020 The start of the activities of the Al-Jawwal clan selection camp at the college for the academic year 2020/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138183/en
11/11/2020 Announcement of a virtual international conference entitled "Universities and Digital Transformation ... Opportunities and Challenges" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138177/en
10/11/2020 Announcement for the opening of applications for projects "Project to support innovative projects for students of higher education - the third session." ~/fci/NewsDetails/138180/en
10/11/2020 Announcement for the opening of applications for projects "Project to establish a center to support and qualify students for entrepreneurship and the labor market (CSEM) - first session ~/fci/NewsDetails/138181/en
09/11/2020 Announcement of the Research Competition of the General Administration for Women’s Culture "The Role of Egyptian Women in Spreading the Culture of Voluntary Work What It Is - Supporting Suggestions for Its Promotion - A Pioneering Female Model" for the year 2021/2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138178/en
09/11/2020 Announcement for the Cybersecurity Initiative with Distance Learning Technology ~/fci/NewsDetails/138179/en
27/10/2020 Announcing the state awards (Nile - Appreciation - Excellence - State Incentive Awards) for the year 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138174/en
25/10/2020 A visit by the "Environmental Excellence" committee to the community service and environmental development sector at Menoufia University ~/fci/NewsDetails/138175/en
24/10/2020 Announcement of the electronic courses available on the National Center for E-Learning website ~/fci/NewsDetails/138176/en
20/10/2020 Announcement of the opening of applications for the UNESCO Prize - King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for the use of information and communication technologies in education for the year 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138173/en
17/10/2020 Receiving new and old students for the academic year 2020/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138170/en
15/10/2020 Announcement of the state awards (Nile for Egyptian Creators and Nile for Arab Creators - Appreciation - Excellence) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138171/en
15/10/2020 Announcement of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank launching the service (free editorial and linguistic review of scientific research for Egyptian researchers) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138172/en
15/10/2020 A meeting of the faculty members and the assisting body ~/fci/NewsDetails/138168/en
13/10/2020 A visit to the jury of the five best colleges to receive new and old students for the academic year 2020/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138169/en
13/10/2020 Announcement of study schedules for all academic teams for the academic year 2020/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138167/en
06/10/2020 College celebration of Professor / Magda Abdel Aziz Essawi, on reaching the age of retirement ~/fci/NewsDetails/138166/en
04/10/2020 An invitation to attend the thirteenth conference entitled "The Global Perspective for the Development of the Education System (University - General - Technical) ~/fci/NewsDetails/138165/en
27/09/2020 Announcement of post-doctoral scholarships and their places ~/fci/NewsDetails/138163/en
27/09/2020 Announcement of some programs and their places ~/fci/NewsDetails/138164/en
22/09/2020 Announcement of the opening of applications for Chevening Scholarships to study Masters in the United Kingdom 2022/2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138161/en
20/09/2020 College Board meeting ~/fci/NewsDetails/138162/en
15/09/2020 An invitation to attend the twenty-eighth creative student forum 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138159/en
15/09/2020 Announcement of the Union Prize for Distinguished Scientific Research for the year 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138160/en
26/08/2020 An invitation to attend the first virtual employment forum over the Internet for students and graduates of Egyptian universities ~/fci/NewsDetails/138157/en
19/08/2020 The College Council convenes ~/fci/NewsDetails/138156/en
05/08/2020 Announcement of the list of programs that are freely available for accounts granted by Microsoft to universities ~/fci/NewsDetails/138153/en
20/07/2020 College Council convened ~/fci/NewsDetails/138151/en
20/07/2020 The dean's follow-up of the examination process ~/fci/NewsDetails/138152/en
07/07/2020 Announcement of university scholarships in Japan for the year 2021 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138150/en
04/07/2020 Announcement to open the application for the Arab Youth Award 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138149/en
01/07/2020 Announcement of GCRF and Newton Funds Rapid Response Fund grants to meet COVID-19 grants ~/fci/NewsDetails/138147/en
01/07/2020 Announcement of the cartoon conference entitled "The reality and future of e-learning in higher education institutions in Palestine in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138148/en
26/04/2020 Announcement of the Third International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Project Management ~/fci/NewsDetails/138146/en
21/03/2020 College Council convened ~/fci/NewsDetails/138145/en
09/03/2020 Announcement of the opening of candidacy for a number of prizes on various topics ~/fci/NewsDetails/138142/en
07/03/2020 Holding a workshop entitled "Scientific Publication and International Classifications" ~/fci/NewsDetails/138143/en
07/03/2020 Announcing a competition for all Egyptian youth to design a logo and logo for the national project for talent and the Olympic champion ~/fci/NewsDetails/138144/en
05/03/2020 Celebration of the college by Professor / Amal Abdel Fattah to reach the age of pension ~/fci/NewsDetails/138141/en
27/02/2020 Announcement of the competition on “Media and Promoting Loyalty and Belonging” and “Major National Projects and Outlying Areas Development” ~/fci/NewsDetails/138139/en
27/02/2020 The Fifth Arab Meeting of Directors of Libraries and Information Centers ~/fci/NewsDetails/138140/en
24/02/2020 A general invitation to run for the Kuwait Prize for the year 2020 ~/fci/NewsDetails/138138/en
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