Student Union Council *

  College Student Union Council forms

annually from the secretaries and assistant secretaries of the committees of all the academic teams, provided that a secretary and an assistant secretary of the council are elected from among them - The dean of the college selects a consultant for each of the union committees from among the faculty members who have experience in student activities to work under the leadership of the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs - The director of the youth banner department in the college is a secretary of the council's fund Union councils and their committees are elected every year within a maximum period of 8 weeks from the start of college studies. - The university president issues a decision setting the date for the elections at all levels, and the student is not entitled to vote unless after paying the tuition fees - The Student Union Council works to activate the work of the union committees, which consist of seven basic committees 1. Families Committee 2. Sports Activity Committee 3. The Cultural and Political Activities Committee 4. The Artistic Activity Committee 5. The Mobility and Public Service Committee 6. The Social Activity and Student Affairs Committee 7. The Scientific and Technological Activity Committee