College goals

College goals

The study at the Faculty of Computers and Information at Menoufia University aims to produce a generation of young people who keep pace with the times and its challenges, as it provides the student with knowledge and basic sciences in the field of computers and information that enable him to go into the midst of work at the local and international levels, as well as enable him to complete his knowledge after graduation.

Postgraduate studies in the college aim to provide the opportunity for graduates of the college and the corresponding colleges to complete their higher studies in the field of computers and information. It has been taken into account that the courses of the Postgraduate Diploma in Computers and Information are linked to the actual needs of the labor market, so the nature of these courses is characterized by its direct relationship to the applications required for this market. While it was taken into account in the courses of study for the master's and doctorate degrees in computers and information that they be of an academic and practical nature.

The college goals focus in particular on the following:

1- Preparing qualified computer science and information technology specialists with theoretical and practical foundations, in order to enable them to compete locally and internationally in this specialization and its various branches.

2 - Conducting innovative studies and research in the field of computer science and information technology.

3 - Providing scientific and applied advice and assistance to bodies and authorities that use computers, information technology and software and are interested in decision-making, making and supporting it.

4- Contributing to the training of technical personnel in the various sectors of the state on computers and information technology.

5- Supervising the computer and information curricula in the faculties of the university, preparing them and developing them on a permanent basis in line with the times, and qualifying and training university students in various faculties and majors on computer science, information systems and technology.