The rules governing military education courses

Rules and regulations governing military education courses (1) When the student reaches the age of eighteen, he must go to the recruitment representative in the department, center, or band from which the ID card was extracted, to obtain the military card during the month of December of the same year in which that age is completed (2) It is not permissible for the student to obtain more than one military card, and while spoiling or losing it, he must inform the area of ​​conscription within seven days from the date of loss or damage to take the necessary measures to obtain another card (3) The student is required to submit the card to the Student Affairs Department of the College to prove its three-digit number, corresponding to his name in the records and his file, and it is not used as a justification for joining the college after reaching the age of twenty (4) On the date specified in the military service card to sign the first medical examination, the student must go to the officer of the division affiliated with him with his ID card, military service card, and Form 2 Soldiers and request the postponement, which is sold in post offices after completing his data and approval of the college to obtain On his recruitment for the prescribed year (5) For students transferred from corresponding colleges, the student continues to be postponed until he obtains the qualification or reaches the age of twenty-two, and he attends from the college from which he is transferred a semester or transfer certificate containing the postponement number and date