The College Council convenes

Public Relations Officer


Today, Tuesday, 3/16/2021, the Council of the Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University will meet at exactly ten thirty in the morning, headed by Mr. Prof. Arabi ElSayed Kishk, Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University And in the presence of: - Prof. Dr. Fawzi ElSayed Turki, full-time professor in the Department of Computer Science and the former President of Kafr El-Sheikh University Prof. Mohi Muhammad Haddoud, Professor Emeritus, Department of Information Technology and Chairman of the Sector Committee for Institutes and Divisions of Computer Science and Information Systems Prof. Dr. Hatem El-Sayed Ahmed, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs Prof. Ashraf Bahjat Al-Sisi, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research Prof. Osama Abdel Raouf, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Head of Operations Research and Decision Support Department Prof. Dr. Khaled Mohamed Amin, Head of Information Technology Department Prof. Hamdi Mohamed Moussa is the head of the Computer Science Department Dr. Jamal Farouk Al-Hadi, "The oldest teacher by rotation." Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Kafafi, Lecturer, Department of Operations Research, "The oldest teacher on rotation" Eng. Hisham Abdel Nabi Al-Qassas, Director General of Communications for the Central Delta Region And the college council discussed the following topics: - * The College Board agreed to determine the admission numbers for students in the college for the academic year 2020/2021 * The College Board approved the formation of a discussion and judgment committee for the message to each of: - Eng. Ahmed Awad Mohamed Mohamed, Ph.D. in Information Systems. - Eng. Nadine Mohamed Abdel-Alim Al-Sayed, "Master of Information Systems" * The College Board approved the registration of research topics for scientific theses (MA, PhD) for each of: - - Engineer / Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamed Morsi Khalifa, "Doctor of Information Systems" - Eng. Asma Samir Abdel Mohsen El-Daly, "PhD in Information Systems" * The College Board approved the award of academic degrees to both of: - - Engineer / Mahmoud Mohamed Youssef Mohamed ElBaradei, "Master of Computer Science" - Eng. Marian Wagdy Labib Farag, "Doctor of Information Technology" - Eng. Esraa Abdullah Mahmoud Alwan, "Master of Computer Science" * The College Board approved the appointment of Eng. Hind Faraj Bakr Sayed Ahmed as an assistant teacher in the Information Technology Department * The College Board approved the memorandum submitted by Prof. Dr. Hatem Mohamed Sayed Ahmed, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and Head of the Information Systems Department regarding the transfer of Dr. Amira Abdel Ati from the Computer Science Department to the Information Systems Department. The Council decided to form a tripartite committee of Prof. Dr. Fawzi Turki and Prof. Mohi Haddoud and Prof. Ashraf El-Sisi to examine the doctoral thesis and its relations in the Department of Information Systems