College Council convened

Public Relations Officer


Today, Saturday, 3/21/22020, the Council of the Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University, was held at eleven in the morning, headed by
Mr. D / Arabi Mr. Kiosk Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University
And in the presence of:
Prof. Mohy Mohamed Hadhoud, Emeritus Professor, Department of Information Technology and Dean of the Canadian Higher Institute of Engineering Technology and Management
Prof. Hatem El-Sayed Ahmed, Vice-Dean for Education and Student Affairs
Prof. Ashraf Bahjat Al-Sisi, Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
Prof. Osama Abdel-Raouf, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development and head of Operations Research and Decision Support department
Prof. Khaled Mohamed Amin, Head of the Information Technology Department
Prof. Hamdi Mohamed Moussa is the acting head of the Computer Science Department
Dr. / Tamer Fathi Ghanem, teacher, Department of Information Technology, "the oldest teachers alternately"
Eng / Hisham Abdel Nabi Al-Qassas, General Director of Communications for the Central Delta region

Where several topics were discussed, including: -

Topics related to the Department of Education and Student Affairs, such as adopting the teaching plan for the first term courses

- Discussing the subject of e-learning remotely and the ways to develop it so that it is interactive and until the student finds the content in quality and ease, and discuss the possibility of doing electronic tests and suspending the practical content until returning to the study.

- Topics related to the management of graduate studies and research, from recording master's and doctoral subjects, and discussing safety and security procedures that must be followed in the current circumstances, such as sterilizing terraces, laboratories, and classrooms such as sterilizing terraces, laboratories, and classrooms.

- Granted both Mr. Mahmoud Saqr and M. Iman Kouta the master’s degree.